Project Seed 2022 Recipients

LHP Desfest 2022 8688

Come to the Edge

Miriam Nicholls with Dusty Feet Dance Collective
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Oeclipseddwg2022 115 Copy

La Vita Dei Diamanti

Desert Diamonds
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Don’t Stamp on Country

Iltja Ntjarra (Many Hands) Art Centre
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From Infancy DF 42

From Infancy

Ashleigh Musk
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Is This Desire 6

Is This Desire?

Stellar Sea
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LHP Desfest 2022 8801

Journey through the South Pacific

Desert Paradise
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Nook Desert Festival '22 23


Abbey Bull and Heather Edmonds
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LHP Desfest 2022 8728 (1)

The Nestmakers

Betty Sweetlove
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Dina Hero AQ8A7373

Should You Lose Your Belongings

Dina Indrasafitri
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Ampe-mape Alyelheme! Kids Sing!

Children’s Ground
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HERO Erich Between Stars And Quarks Lines

Between Stars and Quarks

Elliat Rich
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