Is This Desire? Stellar Sea


Stellar Sea is a cohort of post-punk eco queers with a kink for planetary survival (and eyeliner). Their music is a creative response to our climate and planetary crisis. With double lead vocals, backed by some of Mparntwe / Alice Springs' finest musicians, this band creates a powerful wall of sound that draws the crowd in and then caresses them with its passion and desire.  

For Project Seed 2022, the band set out to create a new body of work, re-interpreting songs by PJ Harvey, and collaborating with other local established artists in the process to add keyboard, vocals and animation.   

Development Process 

In April 2022, the Stella Sea cohort wrote and practiced new songs and collated music chord charts and lyrics for the PJ Harvey songs they intended to use. They then developed these songs and worked through the legal processes of the copyright and APRA responsibilities required in order to cover these songs.   

The vision for the presentation started to come together in June and July 2022, when the band further evolved the concept behind their show involving filming and developing supporting video content, writing the poetry narrative, and planning the artistic elements of the show including costumes, set design, and guest artists. 

In August 2022, they had their first intensive rehearsal with the guest artists and incorporated the programmed visual content. Their second intensive happened in early September 2022, where they put the show together with all the technical aspects including visuals, lighting and guest artists.   


Stellar Sea developed a curated performance featuring live music and visuals woven together with a compelling poetic narrative. Is This Desire? explored their aspirations, longings and ponderings of the challenges in unearthing them in a time when we need to desire less for the sustainability of our planet.  

It featured new songs from Stellar Sea and iconic songs from PJ Harvey – a trailblazer in the male-dominated world of rock music, providing women around the world permission to explore a deep guttural femininity and hidden desires.  


Stellar Sea Band: 

  • All Things Peachy (Nicole Pietsch) – Project Manager, Vocals, Songwriter 

  • Rosie Wild – Vocals    

  • Jez Conlon – Bass, Sound Production  

  • LJ Devlin – Vocals, Guitar, Production Manager  

  • Anders Pfiefer – Drums and Percussion  

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