Between Stars and Quarks - Elliat Rich


Elliat Rich works across a broad-spectrum of design for a diverse client base, remotely, locally and nationally. Her practice covers cross-cultural resources, exhibition design, public art and furniture, product development, one-off exhibition and editioned objects.  

Development Process 

Elliat used the Project Seed development months to explore the design behind mythology and its connection on a mythic and cosmic scale. Research and design began in March, with experiments conducted to decide on the final fabrication of the end design. A prototype was produced in May, with final design changes and the end production happening in June. 

Exhibition design plans, including soundscapes and lighting design was drawn up and revised between June and August once the exhibition location (Museum and Art Gallery of the NT – Megafauna Central) was locked in. 

Elliat worked with sound designer Edi Donald to create a soundscape, and with Red Hot Arts staff to support the production of an immersive space. Together, they found a perfect location at the MAGNT Megafauna Museum, where a blacked out tunnel was created from which the work could be experienced. 


Forming a part of her Designing Mythology whole, Between Stars and Quarks is one of Mparntwe designer Elliat Rich’s investigations and propositions and questioning of for old ways / new to exist as humans, using the process of ‘mything’ to reorientate back towards the planet, and recalibrate value systems by dismantling the current shadow metaphors of the Western-colonial worldview. It proposes the restorying of scientific perspectives to offer a cosmology that includes humans as part of the living world whilst simultaneously removing us from the centre. 

Working with writer, Jennifer Mills and sound artist and composer, Edi Donald to create an installation experience of object, projection, sound and words, Elliat further explored and developed the material processes and interlinking componentry that inform and are informed by Designing Mythology. With a deep time lens, Designing Mythology and Between Stars and Quarks is an experiment into the re-making of a mythic scaffold to counter colonial structures, celebrate through wonder and provide an experience of belonging to our planet. Between Stars and Quarks continues the ‘re-storying’ of ‘Life’, as understood through scientific enquiry, to bring the ‘invisible plains’ of macro and micro knowledges into being through made artefacts and material culture. 

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  • Elliat Rich, designer  

  • Jennifer Mills, words 

  • Edi Donald, sounds   

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