Don’t Stamp on Country – Iltja Ntjarra (Many Hands) Art Centre


Iltja Ntjarra (Many Hands) is a not-for-profit Art Centre, proudly Aboriginal owned and directed. It is home of the Namatjira watercolour artists. The Art Centre was established by Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation in 2004 and incorporated as a separate entity in 2016. The Centre is strongly committed to improving economic participation of Aboriginal people and maintaining cultural heritage.   

It was established for Western Aranda artists to come together to paint, share and learn new techniques and ideas.  

Iltja Ntjarra has a special focus on supporting the ‘Hermannsburg School’ style watercolour artists, who continue to paint in the tradition of their grandfather and relative, Albert Namatjira, arguably one of Australia’s most famous artists of the 20th century. Albert Namatjira taught his children to follow in his unique style, who have since passed this knowledge on to their children, which has resonated in a legacy of watercolour artists in the Central Desert region. By continuing his legacy, these artists sustain an important piece of living history.  

Development Process 

The original concept submitted to Project Seed was re-developed when the original location intended for the mural was unavailable. A new design and concept was then developed when the Alice Springs Post Office wall became available.   

The artists had an intensive, week-long session painting the mural to launch alongside the opening of the 2022 Desert Festival.   


Under the guidance of senior artists, Mervyn Rubuntja and Selma Coulthard, artists of Iltja Njtarra Art Centre developed and painted a collaborative mural in the Mparntwe CBD entitled Don’t Stamp on Country.  

The location of the mural, on the Alice Springs Post Office’s wall, holds particular significance in that it reimagines the 2002 Birth Centenary of the Albert Namatjira Mini Sheet stamp set – a fitting tribute to this true Australian icon, with the artists drawing inspiration from a previous collaboration with artist, Tony Albert.   

The project has contributed to upskilling a group of artists enabling them to gain recognition and income opportunities via the presentation of their art in new and innovative ways.   

Iltja Ntjarra artists are proud to once again pay homage to past family members and the excellence of their artwork through participation in this event.    


Individual artworks (top L to R): 

  • ‘Black cockatoos having a yarn’ by Delray Inkamala 

  • ‘Urrampinyi (Tempe Downs), NT’ by Selma Coulthard 

  • ‘Kwartatuma (Ormiston Gorge), NT’ by Dellina Inkamala 

  • ‘Old man Albert’s truck’ by Mandy Malbunka 

Individual artworks (bottom L to R): 

  • ‘Albert Namatjira panting his Country’ by Dianne Inkamala 

  • ‘Tjoritja (West MacDonnell Ranges), NT’ by Mervyn Rubuntja 

  • ‘Rutjipma( Mt Sonder), NT’ by Reinhold Inkamala 

  • ‘Desert blooms’ by Vanessa Inkamala 


  • Todd mall Uniting Church for the use of their facilities 

  • Red Hot Arts Central Australia (Project Seed) 

  • Helpers: EJ Roh, Gayl Massina, Michael Hayward and arts worker, Klint Buzzacott. 

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