Nook – Abbey Bull and Heather Edmonds


Abbey Bull and Heather Edmonds are two emerging theatre makers. They have a combined background in improvisation, musical theatre, cabaret, playwriting and devised theatre. They collaborated to blend these skills for Project Seed, working with local emerging artists to explore non-traditional forms of storytelling, creating thought provoking and entertaining theatre that centres the audience experience. 

Development Process 

Nook was scripted from a series of interviews conducted by directors, Abbey Bull and Heather Edmonds, drawing out stories and feelings of refuge and safe places.   

These interviews made up the basis of the script, which was then developed and dramatised during intensive sessions over 2 weeks in April and August, with the directors and actors, Armani Francois and Jessie Watson.  


“Some things are universal. Places we consider refuge are one. It could take the form of a childhood hiding place in a backyard cubby or mulberry tree, the family home or a pillow fort. It could be the recollection of such places, or it could be sitting alone in a car by the beach at night.” 

Nook was presented twice in the 2022 Desert Festival program, to captivated audiences.   

Nook reflected and told the stories of a diverse group of people and the places they call ‘safe’. Performed with great sensitivity and humour by actors, Armani Francois and Jessie Watson, the production conveyed the sense of joy and contentment, and sometimes sadness and loss, associated with such special places. 

Nook also investigated and asked what ‘sanctuary’ means for different people and invited audiences to consider the same. In this busy, bustling and volatile world, Nook encouraged people to find time to take a breath in a place they feel most at home.  


  • Heather Edmonds, Co-Director 

  • Abbey Bull, Co-Director 

  • Armani Francois, Actor 

  • Jessie Watson, Actor