A fully immersive "Wembley Style" INXS experience with a show that must be seen to be believed! Tiny Dagger Touring presents The Australian INXS Show!

Featuring a breathtaking original video show as well as a fully authentic 6 piece lineup delivering an energetic journey thru the songs that made INXS a household name for the past 4 decades. Fronted by the incredible Dellacoma Rio, whose uncanny portrayal of Michael Hutchence has captivated audiences worldwide. Hailing from Melbourne, this unique INXS theatre experience delivers a breathtaking ‘Australian Made’ rock show unlike anything you’ve seen before!

“We’ve been crafting this show for several years now and we’re excited to be able to bring it to so many INXS fans across the country,” says ​​Dellacoma Rio.

Dedicated fans will be able to expect all the rock-legend mastery of INXS channelled through a passionate group of talented musicians who live and breathe the original band, with every riff, chorus, and singalong set to ignite the hearts and minds of everyone lucky enough to be in attendance. With the legendary vocals of the late Michael Hutchence being channelled by the explosive and flamboyant ​​Dellacoma Rio, The Australian INXS Show ensures that Del’s natural charisma is put to good use. The globe-trotting singer is joined by the likes of guitarist and saxophonist Rob Moody, who not only takes on the role of Kirk Pengilly, but first created The Australian INXS Show a decade ago as a tribute to his love of both INXS and the classic music of the ‘80s. 

Together, he and the rest of the band hope to provide and inspire the same level of amazement and excitement that INXS themselves did for over 35 years.

“Michael and the band left such an indelible mark on Australian culture, so it just felt natural to work on a show that honours his memory. I often say from the stage that we want to make the audience feel how they felt when they first heard or saw INXS back in the day and that is truly what our aim is,” ​​Dellacoma Rio

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Date and time

Friday 01 March 2024


Araluen Arts Centre

61 Larapinta Dr, Araluen NT 0870

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