The Watch this Space collective would like to invite you to WTS’ annual Zine Fair 2024, all held at the WTS gallery on 23 April - 27 April.
A zine is an inherently political tool of self expression spreading messages of politics, poetry, practical tips and broken hearts for centuries. Piracy does not exist in the world of zines, and zines hold significant history in spreading revolutionary propaganda. Zines are a cure against registered authorship; it can be a self-published story, comic, poster, single-page drawing, open letter, photo journal, flip book, brochure, postcard, sticker, manifesto, audio-zine, web-zine etc… The model for making is DIY and you don’t need any experience as a writer, artist or human being.
Zine Fest

The WTS gallery will turn into an autonomous zine-making space with tables and a spread of materials for all your zine making needs. All welcome, some materials provided but pls also BYO, e.g. sketchbook, paper (for printing also, recycling encouraged), pencils, pens, computers etc. In the evening WTS will host zine making workshops.

Day 1: Tuesday 23rd April, 6pm: Zine Making 101 with Slumberkitty at Watch This Space

Day 2: Wednesday 24th April, 6pm : Zine lab with the WTS collective at Watch This Space

Day 3: Thursday 25th April, 5pm - sunset : WATERTANKed (a queer field workshop) with Muffi. LOCATION: Meet at the base of Tharrarletneme/Meyers Hill. BRING: writing implements + walking shoes

All in the lead up to the Zine Fair, opening night Friday 26 April from 6pm, and running Saturday 27 April 10 am-2 pm.

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Event Info

Date and time

Tuesday 23 April 2024
6pm at WTS
Wednesday 24 April 2024
6pm at WTS
Thursday 25 April 2024
5pm at Tharrarletneme/Meyers Hill


Watch This Space

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