Join Cecily Napanangka Granites & Kathryn Thompson-Ferry to celebrate the release of their book Yawulyu from Yuendumu. With guest facilitator Meredith Lake.

About the book:

In this tribute to the Warlpiri culture, Yawulyu from Yuendumu, Cecily Napanangka Granites brings to life the ceremony of Yawulyu, a ceremonial combination of body painting, dance and song. Raised in Yuendumu, Central Australia, Cecily follows in the footsteps of her mother, Dolly Nampijinpa Daniels, a Lawwoman, becoming a guardian of her people's traditions. Through her experiences as a bilingual teacher and involvement in the aftermath of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NT) of 1976, Cecily's journey is one of resilience and dedication.

In this book, co-authored with her friend Katie Thompson, Cecily explores her connection to the sacred Jukurrpa - the Dreaming stories and Ceremonies that are the heartbeat of Warlpiri women's heritage. As Cecily confronts personal trials and the challenges Indigenous Australians face, her story emerges as a formidable testament to the strength of cultural legacy.

This book, featuring powerful photos by Noel Ferry, is essential for those seeking to understand Indigenous Australians and the unbreakable bond between the people and the land.

A website and a YouTube channel accompany this book. The URLs can be found within the book. 

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Date and time

Saturday 01 June 2024
2.30pm - 3.30pm


Red Kangaroo Books

45 Todd Mall, Mparntwe/Alice Springs

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