Join creator David Blumenstein for a fun-filled launch of Squishbook! This exciting new comic anthology, featuring the work of 13 Melbourne artists and writers, it's a delightful and insightful guide to inspiring children to create their own comics and stories.

During the event, David dives into some activities from the book, giving kids the chance to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life!

Materials provided and bookings essential. Suitable for 8 years and older

Cost is $5 per participant, which will be redeemable on the purchase of the Squishbook! which will be available on the day.

More about Squishbook from the creators!

"Squishbook is a big fat book from the artists of Melbourne’s Squishface Comic Studio. We’re a shared workspace for comics makers. It’s a “kids annual”-style collection of comics and activities, but it’s also a how-to-make-comics book, and a why-you-should-make-comics book!

We spent a year writing, drawing, running workshops with the grade 2’s at Kensington Primary School and answering their questions. All our expertise, silliness and philosophy is rolled into a book for 8-12 year olds — the ones we’ve met over the years at Squishface Studio. The ones who love to draw all the time and their parents go, “What can I do with this child?“

Inside, you’ll find comics, and thoughts on making them, from David Blumenstein, Ben Hutchings, Sarah Howell, Jo Waite, Scarlette Baccini, Briar Rolfe, Alex e Clark, Patrick Alexander, Jin Hien Lau, Ive Sorocuk, Alex Pavlotski, guest “writers, not drawers” Nicholas J. Johnson and Warwick Holt.

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Event Info

Date and time

Thursday 25 April 2024
1pm - 2pm


Red Kangaroo Books

45 Todd Mall, Mparntwe/Alice Springs

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