Give us your powerful or prayerful poetics, your mumbled mouth-music, your ectoplasmic eloquence, your slantwise synaesthesia of symbol and sound. Open to all spoken performance styles unaccompanied by music.

Sign-ups, food & drinks from 6:30 pm.
Spoken Word from 7:30 pm.

Pull a friend or three up on stage with you; do a prepared skit or an improvised conversation. Or go it alone; be a supreme dictator of verse for three minutes. Even if you have to break the fourth wall. If you revel in wordplay, we want you. Help us make an aural alchemy for the evening hours.
Supported by The Water Tank Café and the NT Writers Centre.

(this event is outside of regular opening hours so The Watertank will be shown online as shut)

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Date and time

Monday 13 May 2024


Watertank Cafe

16b Wilkinson St (Milner Rd Entrance)

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