Winter Chill

Winter Chill is a multi-arts performance event at 67 Bath St that provides a professional platform to showcase a local artist during the quieter winter months/off-season. Launched in 2021, the event is held in the Bath St courtyard, which is transformed into a unique pop up outdoor venue including bar, catering, live performances and fire pits under the spectacular crisp blue winter sky and starry night. And took advantage of infrastructure improvements to the Workshop, creating a professional live performance space.

Winter Chill employs a local Creative Producer to engage with artists and curate the event, employing local production, crew and businesses to provide catering and bar services. As there are no other key music or arts event in the July-August period this series of events will provide employment and performance opportunities for local artists and arts workers at a time when there are plenty of tourists in town for other sporting and motor sports events.

This year’s Winter Chill was expanded to four nights and 26 performances including, for the first time, engaging the business community via a Chamber of Commerce Business at Sunset event and a First Nations Night, 100% designed and led by local First Nations musicians. Aerials by Coco & Co were performed in the courtyard for the first time and the event was catered by Alkamilya Football Club.

2023 Performers included: Shilo, Raymond Walters, Paul Ah Chee, Sneaky Train, Casii Williams, Dave Crow, Victoria Alondra, Spindles, Sun Runner, CoCo&Co, Emma Fu, King Marong.