Rita Khayat is a queer songwriter and musician currently exploring and reskilling in electronic music production. Merging her background in the Melbourne DIY punk scene with her eternal love for pop and club music, Rita makes music for people to dance and hug their friends to. 

Project Concept 

Rita aims to explore the intersection of the somatic experience of clubs – dancing and embodiment, and the societal experience – community, queer safety and shared culture by producing a pop and club music body of work. Dancefloors have been places of healing for eternity; this project will conceptually explore the theme of clubs as places of healing and community, particularly within queer spaces. 

Rita has secured a song writing and music production mentorship with multi-instrumentalist and much loved electronic music producer, Geryon. 


  • Rita Khayat (Lead Artist) 

  • Geryon (mentor) 

Homostasis - Rita Khayat