Desert Shredders

Desert Shredders Photography Exhibition

by Greg Barnes

(Above image: Kiss me in the NT. Mulga Bore Hard Rock, backstage at Blacken Festival 2022 with Chris Wallace of South East Desert Metal).

This outdoor exhibition by Greg Barnes is a collection of his ongoing study of counter-cultural activity around the world in its innumerable forms. His passion for street level creativity has led Greg to all corners of the globe, exploring laneways and back streets on his bike. This choice of path introduced him to experiences that his mind, pen and cameras have delighted in capturing.

Greg wishes to inspire local young people cruising around town to harness their shredding potential and interpret the streets as they see fit.
Greg Barnes @mugfakers has been living, working and creating on unceded Arrernte country for 7 years. His love for photography was instigated in his adolescence by BMX, Skateboarding, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, zine culture & travel. He is the Editor/Publisher of BMX print magazine @nothingswrongbmx and has worked, documented and travelled with Nicky ‘Skateboard’ Hayes on his Eastern Arrernte brand Spinifex Skateboards since day one. He currently works at 8CCC Radio in Communications/Content and has coordinated skatepark programs/events in Mparntwe @alicespringsskatepark & nationwide for over 15 years.
The exhibition contains amongst others, photographs of South East Desert Metal, shot in 2016 on their first national tour. All Skate/BMX photos were made in the NT. 

Running from Monday March 18th around the CBD